Having shiny, perfectly aligned teeth are definitely a physical attribute that you should be proud of and preserve. You also need to be mindful of oral health complications that develop as you age. Fortunately, you can use veneers, a cosmetic dentist’s solution, to maintain your perfect smile. But you must know more about them to determine whether this is the right treatment for your dental needs.

This article will discuss three important facts to remember before getting your veneers. Take this as an opportunity to take better care of your teeth and make well-informed decisions when investing in different dental services. This way, you can better look after your health, money, physical appearance, and self-esteem as you receive the right dental solutions!

Fact #1: There are partial and full veneers that are customized for your teeth

When your teeth are crooked, it’s either you have several misaligned teeth or an entire row of teeth that needs adjustments. That’s why your dentist may recommend either partial or full veneers. It may also be considered if you have a few chipped and stained molars. 

Remember that while veneers may seem like the perfect solution to fix your dental imperfections, there may be other treatments that work best for your needs. Before getting veneers, receive a dental assessment of your oral health. It allows dental professionals to address any malocclusions, permanent staining, and other related issues. 

You and your dentist can consider veneers, braces, teeth whitening, crowns, and more. Going for a pre-veneer assessment can also help you look at more long-term solutions to preserve your smile, allowing you to make cost-effective decisions. 

Fact #2: Getting veneers means you will have to lose some enamel from your teeth 

If you schedule regular checkups with your family dentist, then you must know that the enamel is the thin layer on your teeth that protects them from getting damaged easily. It can also be considered as an extra layer of insulation. 

Since veneers are almost enamel-like as they are paper-thin, your dentist has to file down some of your natural enamel. This way, the veneers can look less artificial, and you can smile with confidence, knowing that it looks just like having no dental work done! Veneers can also act as your new layer of enamel that protects your teeth from damage! 

Fact #3: Veneers are custom-fit for your teeth’s size and color

Many dental patients believe that all veneers are made from the same material, primarily because they make your teeth appear whiter and more perfectly shaped. Therefore, it wouldn’t make sense to have the veneers in different shapes and colors. 

Using veneers means your dentist has to examine damaged molars and check for cracks and stains. They also have to shape the veneer to make it look like the tooth they replace. Also, they need to pick a shade that can act as the perfect coating to hide the stain. That’s why you often have to go for two appointments or wait a while before you can get your veneers placed over your teeth. But all the efforts and hours of waiting will be worth it! 


Getting veneers can be the dental solution you need to take better care of your teeth. Now, you have a better understanding of what they are and how they integrate into your oral health. You just have to find a professional cosmetic dentist in your area for your next appointment. Remember all the previously mentioned facts and learn to value your smile more! 

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