Dental Veneers In Marietta, GA

What Are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are custom-designed exceedingly thin shells resembling natural teeth that are carefully and creatively crafted by your dentist and put together in a dental lab. The veneers are then attached around your own teeth and can serve various functions, the most regular including straightening, whitening and lengthening. The primary goal of having veneers put on is to deliver you a fantastic smile! This procedure is the best procedure we use today to provide our patients with the greatest smile achievable. We have an artistic eye and works with accomplished ceramists. Together, our results are wonderful, yet natural.

Veneers Are Not the Same as Bonding

How do you understand if dental bonding or veneers are the best choice? The brief explanation is that bonding is commonly recommended for more minor tooth adjustments. Having said that, if you have teeth that are significantly tarnished or have sustained heavy wear and tear, then veneers may be a more desirable option for you. Furthermore, veneers are an advised choice for other sizable issues like broken or cracked teeth, considerable gaps in your teeth, or even variations in the size and shape of your teeth. Because veneers are custom-made for each patient, they look a lot more like your natural teeth. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about them becoming discolored over time, as they are created to be stain-resistant to the effects of coffee or wine drinking.

The Procedure For Dental Veneers

It takes two to three appointments with your dentist to fully accomplish the dental veneer process. First, we suggest a consultative session in which you sit down with your doctor to discuss the method. At this visit, we like to provide you with the chance to ask any questions you may have so that you fully are aware of the process. During the consultation, we will also create the best treatment plan tailored to you and your schedule.

At the second visit, we begin the real physical work of your veneers. At this point, your teeth are shaved down to prepare for application, and a short-term veneer is placed on top of your teeth. These will function as a placeholder until your permanent veneers are constructed in a lab by our trusted ceramists and sent back to our office.

On your third and final visit, your temporaries are then replaced with your long-term, custom-made veneers.