Instilling healthy oral habits in children can be a challenge. As a parent, you have to teach your child the value of good dental hygiene so that they can take care of their oral health in the future. You would not want them to end up at the dentist for an oral problem that could have been easily avoided.

If you are having trouble helping your kids build the habit of brushing their teeth, you are in the right place. We are going to share a few things you can do to make brushing teeth much more exciting for your children!

1. Play music during the activity

Everyone loves music, including your kids. You can use it to add excitement to any activity, and it can definitely help your kids brush their teeth. Just as you would play some music while you wash your car, play some music when the kids brush. They will find the activity much more enjoyable that way.

 2. Make it a game

Kids love games, so make brushing their teeth a fun and rewarding challenge! In doing so, they will look forward to every brushing session and actively participate in it.

One way to make brushing more fun is to ask your kids to sing while brushing. Whoever guesses the most number of songs wins and gets a prize! Another way you can turn it into a game is to point to various things and asking if it is a toothbrush. Your kids will laugh at the things you point at that are obviously not a toothbrush, and they will grab the real toothbrush and get ready to get some brushing done.

 3. Brush teeth together as a group

Kids do not like to be alone. They want to be with others doing fun activities together! For that reason, a perfect way to motivate your kid to brush their teeth and build that habit is to brush with them. Show them how to put toothpaste on the bristles and how to brush their teeth properly. That way, you can accompany them and teach them how to brush effectively.

4. Purchase a cool-looking toothbrush

Everyone likes having things they can be proud of, whether a new phone or a car. For kids, these things can be toys and such. You can take advantage of this kind of mindset by buying your kid a cool toothbrush. When they see how awesome it is, they will become proud to own it and use it. This will make motivating them to brush easier, and you might not even have to remind them eventually.


These are just some of the many things you can do to motivate your child to brush their teeth and build healthy dental habits. If you are having trouble teaching your kids to brush their teeth, remember these tips and apply them to your routine. Before you know it, your kids will be brushing their teeth all by themselves, caring for their oral health and making you proud!

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