When a dentist told you that you need to undergo a restorative dentistry procedure, you don’t have to be afraid. People often think that anything a dentist would do with their teeth will give them a weird sensation or let them hear nerve-wracking noise. That should not be a worry when it comes to teeth restoration. You are probably familiar with the different kinds of dentistry procedures under this umbrella idea, but let us enumerate the most common restoration process you might encounter. 


Dental Filling


Even if you brush your teeth daily, it can still get damaged, and you might still get a cavity. When this happens, the dentist will remove the decayed portion of your tooth and fill it with a gold, porcelain, or silver amalgam. The dental filling is the procedure done to restore a tooth, keep it in its original form, and make it continue to function instead of pulling it out. Dentists also use fillings to close gaps between the teeth or repair cracked or broken teeth. 


Root Canal Treatment


If you don’t address your tooth decay immediately, it could get worse, and instead of just a filling, you might need to go a root canal treatment. In this procedure, your dentist would use special tools to remove the infected nerve and pulp inside your tooth and then clean and seal it with your tooth crown on top. Root canal treatment is one method of saving up a severely decayed tooth. 


Dental Crown


Getting a dental crown is one way to cover an already damaged tooth. Besides coverage, dentists also use a dental crown to improve a tooth’s shape, appearance, or alignment. To make it happen, your dentist would need to prepare your affected tooth first. That means they need to reduce the size to make space for the crown. 


Dental Bridge


When you need to hide a wide gap, or you have a missing tooth to conceal, the dental bridge is the procedure for you. In this process, your dentist will create crowns for your two teeth with a pontic in between them. They will place the crowns on your two healthy teeth, and the pontic will fill the missing tooth, making it look complete again.


Dental Implant


When there’s no other way to save a tooth, and it has been pulled out, your dentist will sometimes suggest you get a dental implant. It is another option you have aside from the dental bridge or getting dentures. The dental implant is the process that makes use of an artificial tooth and permanently placing it in your jawbone through a surgical procedure. In the end, you’d have natural-looking teeth that also function the same. 


Familiarity with the restorative dentistry procedure would make you less anxious, but working with a dentist you’ve known can make a huge difference. Any of the procedures mentioned should not make you feel any pain, so it is crucial to choose a dentist who has done it all. To make sure you feel comfortable and less nervous during the process, choose a dentist you know and trust.

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