If you want to achieve that magazine-worthy smile, dental veneers may be the solution you’re looking for. These custom-made shells can provide straightening and whitening that far exceed what your natural teeth have to offer. However, having a picture-perfect smile all the time doesn’t come without a cost. Let’s dive whether or not veneers are the right fit for you by answering some questions about your oral health.

Do your teeth have heavy wear and tear?

Our doctors recommend dental veneers for patients whose teeth have heavy wear and tear, like significant tarnishing, breaks, or a lot of gapping. Keep in mind that we may alter part of your natural teeth during this procedure to make room for your new smile. This will help make it easier for the veneers to attach and form a strong bond. If they are already in good shape, it’s probably not necessary for you to shell out the money on veneers. Consider looking into dental bonding instead to restore and enhance your smile.

Are you committed to your oral hygiene?

There are two common types of veneers – porcelain and composite – and both come in a variety of shades. You may choose to go with an illuminating white smile or stick with a color closer to your natural teeth. While veneers might be resistant to staining liquids like coffee and wine, the rest of your mouth won’t have the same protection. That means you’ll need to stay committed to your oral hygiene if you want to don’t want there to be a stark difference in your smile.

How big of a transformation do you need?

If you’re worried about the cost of dental veneers, keep in mind that you don’t need to undergo a full-mouth transformation. It’s common for people to only replace their front teeth, or the part of their smile that everyone can see. Being strategic about where you get your veneers can cut down the cost of the procedure, while still achieving a stunning result. With the right doctor, you don’t even be able to tell a difference between the veneers and your natural teeth – it will be a seamless transition. Our specialists are trained to preserve the best of smile, so rest assured that a partial transformation can still have a big huge on the end result.

Is your oral health dependent on insurance?

If so, veneers may not be the best option for you. Since this is cosmetic service, insurance companies usually aren’t willing to float the bill. Instead, talk our doctors about how something like restorative dentistry can be used to solve your dental problems. We will help you find an alternative solution based on your specific needs and budget.

So, are dental veneers actually worth it? Whether you’re busy running around in social settings or fell out of love with natural teeth, veneers are a great way to boost your self-confidence. But they’re not an all-in-one solution for dental problems, so make sure you consult with one of our doctors about what options are available to you. If we believe you’re a good candidate, we’ll walk you through the next steps and get you on your way to achieving that flawless smile you’ve been waiting for.