If you’re a coffee lover and need that daily kick of caffeine, there is some unfortunate news for you if you are planning to get dental implants. You can’t drink coffee right after getting an implant.

Don’t panic yet! The thing is that post-dental implant care simply requires you to modify your diet during the healing process, but that’s because of the site of the surgery. Afterward, there are just some adjustments you need to make to protect your new implants.

Pause the Caffeine Right after Surgery

Your dentist will give you proper aftercare instructions, so you shouldn’t be at a total loss for what you can and cannot ingest. What’s important to note is that you cannot drink coffee right after surgery.

In fact, hot drinks should be avoided altogether because they can end up hurting your new dental implant and hampering the healing process. You cannot use a straw as a workaround because this will also cause gum bleeding.

If you’re planning to drink iced coffee, then you should know that this is just as bad for the healing process. You don’t want to overstimulate the nerves in your mouth while they are still trying to repair themselves.

Drinking Coffee When You’re Fully Healed

In general, it should take anywhere from six weeks to half a year for your healing to complete. Now, let’s say you’ve already finished this time and you’ve followed every instruction your dentist has given you. Can you finally drink coffee?

Essentially, yes. However, there are some new guidelines you will have to follow if you want to protect your implants.

The first thing that has to change is the frequency of your intake. You should not have coffee more than five times a week, and you’ll want to limit your daily intake to around two cups at the most. This is mostly to avoid the risk of staining your teeth and new implants.

Then, you have to adjust how you consume your coffee. If you’re going to have a cup of joe, then you have to commit. Finish your coffee in one sitting. While this doesn’t mean you need to rush, it’s better to have a specific period of time where you drink your coffee instead of spacing it out throughout the day.

To avoid irritation, your coffee shouldn’t be served piping hot or extremely cold. You don’t have to resign yourself to room temperature drinking, but you want to balance the temperature so that you don’t harm your gums and implants. If there is discomfort when you drink, the temperature is too severe.

Finally, you should brush your teeth immediately after drinking your coffee. The acidity of coffee can break down your teeth and won’t do your implants any favors, so it’s best to clean that up as soon as you can. Plus, brushing your teeth will help reduce the chance of stains and plaque.


Drinking coffee can be a wonderful thing, but it shouldn’t be a reason to neglect your oral care. If you’re in the market for dental implants, it’s time to put your coffee drinking on hold. Once you’re healed, you can enjoy the beverage again with some new dental habits.

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