Many people think that teeth whitening is a simple case of asking the dentist to whiten the teeth for you. However, apart from deciding to have the teeth whitened, one more decision needs to be made: how white do you want your teeth to be? Picking the right whitening shade is vital, simply because teeth that are too white look fake, and if it isn’t white enough, then you’ve just wasted your time.

That being said, to ensure that you pick the perfect teeth whitening shade for the best smile, here are some factors to consider:

1. The Shades

There is no such thing as simply white and non-white teeth. White itself has different shades, and so do the teeth. For instance, reddish-yellow teeth are considered shade B, while grey teeth are considered shade C. You’ll want to know which shade your teeth fall into so that you know just how white they should be. For example, if your teeth fall in the shade B range, then going for a lighter shade that is in the same range will give your teeth a more natural white compared to if you were to opt for a different shade altogether. 

In most cases, going just two or three shades can make a huge difference, and shading can go up to eight shades lighter. If you want something subtle, go for a shade of one or two. If you want a massive jump, go higher.

2. The Stains

Any existing stains on your teeth will need to be addressed before you get to whitening. This is because stains cannot be appropriately whitened. In fact, when your teeth do get whitened, the stains will be much more apparent. For that reason, you’ll need to undergo some destaining procedure to ensure all your teeth looks uniform before shading is underway.

3. The Eyes’ White

The only other thing that is white on your face is your eyes. If your teeth are whiter than the eye’s white, your teeth will look more awkward on your face than a darker shade. As such, if you want to ensure your teeth look naturally white, opt for a shade that isn’t whiter than the white of your eyes. Note that this is just a suggestion, and you can indeed go whiter.

4. The Crowns and Fillings

Unlike real teeth that can be whitened, crowns and fillings actually cannot be whitened. As such, if you were to whiten your teeth and you had a crown or filling in an obvious spot, the crown or filling is going to stand out from the rest. To ensure this does not happen, stick to a shade that’s similar or exactly the same as your crown. This will give you a uniform look, keeping your smile attractive.


If you’re unhappy with how your teeth aren’t white enough, teeth whitening services are ready to help you out. With a professional dentist working your teeth, you will soon be able to walk out of the clinic with a bright, new smile, bolstering your self-confidence and allowing you to look the best version of yourself. That said, remember the factors we’ve shared above and consider them carefully. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask the dentist for tips. They can assist you in figuring out the best color to pick, and with a professional’s advice, you will be able to whiten your teeth to the perfect shade.

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