Getting the perfect smile is no longer elusive today compared to the past. With various dental services available in the market—from preventative to restorative down to cosmetic dentistry––you can get your teeth fixed, restored, and even whitened!

One dental service that stands out today is the use of veneers. For the uninitiated, they are layers of materials (either dental porcelain or composite materials) placed over stained, cracked, misshapen, and damaged teeth to improve the overall look and appearance of your smile. 

If you’re wondering why most celebrities have a set of pearly white smiles, the chances are that they also use veneers. However, various misconceptions have been circulating around about the use of veneers that aren’t true.

In this article, we’ll debunk five common misconceptions about veneers so that you will be more informed:

Myth 1: They are for cosmetic purposes only

Sure, most individuals get veneers to improve their smile. However, there’s more to this dental work than meets the eye. The truth is that they can even help boost your oral function and improve overall oral health! Specifically, they are installed to address the following oral problems:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Major oral gaps
  • Teeth discoloration 

Myth 2: They are quite noticeable

Some individuals are quite apprehensive about getting veneers, thinking that they are quite conspicuous and look less natural. However, today’s dentists utilize customized veneers, meaning that they get materials suited for your teeth in terms of shape, sizes, thickness, and color. With technological advancement and dentistry innovation, expect your covered teeth to look as natural as possible!

Myth 3: They are painful

Some individuals are quite hesitant to get veneers thinking that they are a bit painful—yet that’s just the opposite! Sure, you may need local anesthesia to numb your mouth, and it may feel a little uncomfortable, but for the most part, this dental procedure is bearable. After the treatment, most patients won’t even have to deal with painful aftermath and other discomforts.

Myth 4: They require major tooth alteration

If you’re worried about your natural teeth getting altered, fret not. Installing veneers doesn’t necessarily require major teeth restoration because your dentist will want to preserve your natural teeth as much as possible. As a result, they will only make a little tweak here and there just to fit the composite or porcelain materials on your teeth.

Myth 5: They demand multiple dental visits

Some individuals assume that they need to have multiple dental visits to get everything done. The truth is that getting veneers can actually be done in one dental appointment! Unless you have all your teeth covered, the chances are that you’ll need two dental appointments, at most. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll have more than three visits to get all your teeth covered, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.


At this point, we’ve debunked five common myths about the use of veneers. The truth is that these dental materials are used for oral restoration, appear natural, not necessarily painful, have less alteration, and can be performed in one dental appointment. If you’re looking to improve your overall smile and don’t want to undergo invasive procedures, then veneers will be your best option!

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