Many people don’t have their priorities in check when dealing with missing teeth. Although it can have a glaring impact on their physical appearance, losing a tooth also brings many medical consequences that can cause severe dental issues.

The dilemma of dental care delays

Losing a tooth occurs due to one of two reasons: tooth decay or physical trauma. If it’s the latter, it’s necessary to get treatment immediately to consider if it’s possible to save the lost tooth. However, the gradual deterioration of teeth due to poor dental practices will be more complicated. It’s not as simple as pulling the decaying tooth and sealing the wound; it’s also vital to prevent the decay from spreading to the rest of your teeth. The longer you wait, the greater chances you have of endangering your oral care.

The long-term effects of an incomplete smile

It’s important to replace missing teeth even if they’re no longer giving you discomfort. Although you can learn to adapt to having gaps in your smile, it can be detrimental to your jaw’s health in the long-term. Your jawbone needs to remain healthy by experiencing a consistent and balanced pressure to produce new cells. Without a tooth above the gums, it will lead to the gradual deterioration of bone cells.

People who lose teeth at the back of their mouth tend to not be in a rush to replace them. However, leaving their mouth in that condition can lead to detrimental effects to your jawbones, such as sunken cheeks and an aged appearance. The imbalance in your teeth can also cause the remaining teeth to shift, undoing years of preventative dental care.

Besides the physical implications of having an incomplete smile, lost teeth will also cause an irregularity to your bite. You’ll have issues with chewing properly, together with speaking well. An incomplete set of teeth will make it more difficult to eat solid and healthy food necessary for a balanced diet.

The solution to missing teeth

The options for replacing your lost teeth will vary on effectiveness and cost. As mentioned above, if the cause of your missing tooth is recent physical trauma, there’s a chance to save it for reattachment. In most cases, your replacement options will vary from dentures to dental implants.

Dental implants involve using a titanium replacement root to your jawbone to simulate the natural tooth’s pressure. However, it’s necessary to check your compatibility with this treatment. Your dentists may need to assess your bone growth to see if you’ll need to undergo bone grafting. Less-invasive solutions are dentures and bridges. Although it’s not as permanent as dental implants, full and partial dentures are a more affordable option for people who cannot receive more expensive forms of treatment.


Losing a tooth is no simple matter. Although one tooth is smaller than your fingernail, it can lead to severe dental conditions if you don’t handle it properly. Preventative dental care is the most viable solution when dealing with your oral health. The better your hygiene habits are, the fewer chances you’ll have at encountering dental ailments. Besides brushing and flossing, it’s best to consult your local dentists to confirm if your oral hygiene habits are sufficient.

Having a healthy habit of visiting your dentist allows you to detect potential complications before becoming too severe to handle. If you need to receive treatment from a cosmetic dentist in Marietta for your missing teeth, schedule an appointment with us today!