Most people are hoping for good news every time they visit the dental clinic. Any news of cavities or other dental issues can become very challenging. Unfortunately, cavities are incredibly common because they are formed when sugars and oral bacteria combine. They work together to break down tooth enamel that often leads to tooth pain. 

Note that ingesting no sugar at all doesn’t necessarily mean no cavities will ever form. The truth is, any form of carbohydrate breaks down into sugar as well. The only real defense to cavities is a good, thorough, and consistent dental routine.

With regular brushing and flossing, cavities can easily be controlled. They can be reversed through procedures like remineralization and, of course, solutions recommended by a family dentist.

Read on for some ways to help reverse cavity formation in your teeth.

A Better Diet

Fresh vegetables are excellent for reversing cavities. Nutrients from healthy food boost the body’s ability to strengthen teeth. And obviously, more fresh foods mean less sugar to eat!

Better Hydration

The partner of a healthy diet should be a sufficient water intake. When a person drinks water, it both hydrates the body and washes the mouth off. It may be a simple thing to think about, but it is a challenge in its simplicity. 

Additionally, it’s important to hydrate using water. Any other processed drink, even the ones that claim to be natural, contains sugars. Along with a healthy diet, the proper amount of water intake boosts the body’s ability to strengthen teeth.

Taking Supplements

A regular diet often fails to provide the body with all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to remain healthy. This is a problem that supplements are made for, and they also help with reversing cavities. Vitamins B and D, iron, and magnesium are all beneficial for remineralization. Probiotics help indirectly as a supplement for gut health and pH levels.

More Fluoride

Fluoride is a straightforward solution for remineralization. It effectively eliminates bacteria and gets incorporated into the teeth for a stronger structure. This is why most toothpaste brands boast fluoride as the main ingredient in their products.

Deal With Dry Mouth

If you experience a dry mouth for long periods, the acidity level increases to a damaging amount. With no saliva to wash acid away, it settles on the surface of the teeth. Do not go for solutions that may seem hydrating but are actually drying to the mouth. It’s best to consult with a dentist for this condition. As you wait for your appointment, some effective home solutions would be drinking water and chewing gum to encourage saliva production.

The Timeline for Reversing Cavities

Different wounds heal at different rates, and the same concept applies to remineralization—there is no definitive timeline. It is vastly different from person to person because systems react differently to stimuli. 

Remineralization will take some time and would be best if done in the early stages of cavity formation. This is because cavities only grow bigger and bigger. If begun late, it might not be possible for remineralization procedures to fix cavities.


Reversing cavities is best done in the early stages. With a detailed action plan and a consistent routine, remineralization can be most likely achieved. Consult with a dentist to know what necessary steps to take.

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