Thanksgiving is almost here, the holiday that makes us think about all the people and things we are thankful for. But it’s also a time when you should start practicing your own self-evaluation and reflection.

Have you been repeating the same bad habits? Are on track to achieve the dental and health goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year?

In the spirit of the holiday, here are some dental tips and best practices your mind & body will thank you for.

Start Confronting Your Fears

Change isn’t just scary, it’s something we are programmed to resist. Going through with a dental procedure or finding a new provider can lead to fear and anxiety. However, the more you delay making important decisions, the more you’re neglecting your overall health. Confront your personal fears head-on so you can move forward with confidence. Making one positive decision related to your health has a tendency to spill over into the other areas of your life.

Stop Avoiding Your Problems

Living with fear around your oral health and living with a real problem are two different things. You might be worried that your smile will lose its allure over time, but that isn’t evidence of a treatable condition. So, on top of confronting your dental fears, you need to be willing to take action on the things that are happening right now. Whether it’s a cavity, gum disease, or even a cracked or broken tooth, make a commitment to get it taken care of. By continuing to avoid these dental problems, you’ll only give them room to get worse.

Set High Standards for Yourself

The standards we set for ourselves dictate the level of respect and care we expect to receive. For example, if you are willing choose a dental care provider with a mediocre reputation, you’re going to live with the same degree of service. Do your research and invest in highly trained clinicians and dentists who genuinely care about your well-being. When we make ourselves a priority, we become better caretakers for our loved ones.

Get to the Root of What’s Holding You Back

What’s holding you back from living your best life? Are you worried about the time and money you’ll have to invest in your oral or general health? Or, are you trying to avoid the stress that comes with a change in your routine? Perhaps your trigger is taking time off work or being embarrassed around your peers, friends, or family. Once you identify what’s holding you back, consult with a professional to find the right solution. Maybe having an honest conversation, working out a payment plan, or addressing your insurance concerns is all you need to break free from your own limiting beliefs.

Think About Your Long-Term Goals

Taking care of problems in the moment is important, but so is thinking about your long-term dental and health goals. Have you been experiencing changes in your diet or lifestyle recently? Are you expecting to start a family in the next few months or even years? Having an answer to these questions – even if you don’t have it all figured out – will help you build an action plan for the future. Considering choosing a family-oriented dental practice who can be there for you now and when your life takes a turn (for the better or worse).

Most of us have a lot to be thankful for this time of the year – our friends and family, our careers, and more. But what about your own mind and body? Here’s some food for thought: if you looked in the mirror right now, is that someone you would want to say “thank you” to? It’s easy to get distracted or overwhelmed by our hectic lives, but sometimes you need to slow down and make yourself a priority. Contact out dental professionals today so we can help you get your oral health back on track.

Happy Thanksgiving from Kabani Dental in Marietta!