Who knew something as small as a tooth could significantly impact someonés life? Whether you like it or not, the appearance of your smile can affect your relationships, confidence, and overall quality of life, which is why it’s crucial to ensure that you have nice-looking pearly whites youé be proud to show others.

Beyond the overall look of your teeth, it’s also essential to consider whether you have a complete set of teeth or not. Aside from appearance’s sake, missing a tooth or two is critical to your oral health. 

Dealing With Missing Teeth

When not dealt with properly, the gaps between your teeth that shouldn’t be there could lead to serious health problems. The longer you wait to replace your missing teeth, the higher risk you have of developing diseases.

However, although you must replace missing teeth soon, you shouldn’t visit a dentist near you before being informed of the different denture options available. In knowing what kind of dentures to get, you’ll get to restore your smile and achieve optimal oral health!

Delving Into the Different Denture Types

If you have missing teeth, you have three options to choose from: partial dentures, complete dentures, or dental implants. All three options do the same job of helping you perform everyday tasks, such as chewing and talking, preventing your teeth from shifting, and improving your smile.

Depending on your concerns and your teeth and gums’ condition, you may need any of the three:

1. Complete Dentures

Also referred to as full or conventional dentures, complete dentures are removable prosthetics to replace an entire set of teeth. Complete dentures are best for you if you have no remaining teeth in your upper and/or lower jaws.

This denture consists of porcelain or plastic teeth connected to a plastic base that matches your gums. The upper portion of the dentures covers the roof of the mouth, while the lower part fits over the gum line.

Before getting fitted with conventional dentures, you have to wait until your gums have fully healed after extracting your teeth. Since healing could take several weeks, you could opt for immediate dentures, which can be used while you heal.

2. Partial Dentures

Cosmetic dentists also offer partial dentists as an option to those with missing teeth. Unlike complete dentures made for people with a missing set of teeth, partial dentures fill in a missing tooth or two.

Also known as bridges, partial dentures fill in gaps by hooking onto your natural teeth. Partial dentures made of metal attach to healthy teeth with a metal clasp. On the other hand, partial dentures made of acrylic are secured to surrounding teeth using a wire attachment.

3. Dental Implants

Unlike partial and complete dentures, dental implants replace a missing tooth or a set of teeth by attaching a crown to a metal post drilled into the jaw bone. This type of denture requires you to have healthy gums and sufficient bone mass for the post. Although the most expensive of the three, you can rest assured that the replacement teeth will be fully secured in your mouth.


When we say that dentures can change your life, we aren’t exaggerating! With the correct dentures, you can restore your smile and experience a better and easier life. As long as you reach out to the best cosmetic dentist in your area and determine the right type of dentures for your needs, you’ll never want to stop smiling!

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