Your smile says a lot about you and plays an important role in keeping you confident and maintaining a good first impression. However, not all people are that conscious about maintaining a bright smile and white teeth. What they don’t know is the many benefits you can get from maintaining a sparkling set of pearly whites. According to a cosmetic dentist in Marietta, teeth whitening can actually help keep your mouth healthy. Read on to find out how you can benefit from it.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

There are various ways to whiten teeth, from over-the-counter whitening products to cosmetic dentistry procedures. If you want the best results, going to the dentist is still your best option. Cosmetic dentists use teeth whitening products that are far safer and more effective. They can also produce quicker results.

Teeth whitening is actually quite a simple process. Whitening products contain one of two tooth bleaches, namely hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Both bleaches are capable of breaking stains into smaller pieces, which makes the color of your teeth less concentrated and looking brighter.

Hydrogen Peroxide’s Health Benefits

Many people know hydrogen peroxide as a cleaning agent for minor cuts. Remember that frothy white foam it produces the moment it touches your wound. That foam is the result of oxidation or a reaction to oxygen. Those reactions are part of how hydrogen peroxide kills germs.

Hydrogen peroxide’s antibacterial property is what makes it an excellent component for good oral hygiene. Since the early 1900s, dentists have used this germ-fighting solution on their patients to fight gum disease and other types of oral infections. Thanks to the oxidation reaction, that slimy biofilm that sticks to the surface of your teeth breaks down easily.

How Does Teeth Whitening Improve Oral Hygiene?

Having a good oral hygiene routine is crucial to maintaining optimal oral health. However, teeth whitening is a process that actually works well with those hygiene rituals to help you achieve a healthy environment inside your mouth.

As explained above, teeth whitening products contain bleach, which is the active ingredient that makes your teeth look cleaner and whiter. However, the best teeth whitening products contain a lot more than just pure bleach. 

A good whitening agent should contain hydrogen peroxide and sodium fluoride, which help strengthen the enamel on your teeth. You also need glycerin, which promotes moisture retention and reduced bacterial growth. Lastly, sodium hydroxide helps your mouth maintain optimal pH levels. When a professional removes dental staining, it reinforces the health and strength of your teeth, which lessens the likelihood of cavities and gum disease caused by accumulations of plaque – the sticky film that provides a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

The Bottom Line—Teeth Whitening Isn’t for Everyone

Teeth whitening is one of the safest cosmetic dental procedures available, but it’s not for everyone. Patients with gum disease and those who have extremely sensitive teeth are not recommended to undergo a teeth whitening procedure because of the condition of their gums and mouth. It’s important to talk to your dentist to find out if teeth whitening is for you and what kind of benefits you can get from it.

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