We’re entering into holiday season, which means that New Year’s is less than two months away. It’s the time when we set goals for ourselves, like practicing better oral hygiene and rebuilding our self-confidence. Invisalign is a proven, trusted solution to re-align your teeth and get a smile you are proud to show off.

What is Invisalign?

The dental industry was disrupted in 1997 when Align Technology, Invisalign’s parent company, was founded. Originated by students at Stanford with minimal orthodontic training, the company and its founders was not immediately welcomed into the public eye. Sure, the potential benefits of Invisalign were clear – new orthodontic patients would no longer have to use clunky, unsightly braces to achieve the smile they wanted. Instead, clear aligners would be used to re-align teeth and treat problems like crowding, an overbite, or jaw complications. But people and doctors weren’t sold on the idea that clear aligners could work as effectively as metal braces.

Yes, Invisalign does come with a higher price tag, but patients who have received the treatment will tell you it’s worth every penny.

How Does it Work?

Invisalign will gradually straighten your teeth over time using clear retainers that attach to your teeth. The entire treatment process is overseen by an orthodontic specialist who will help you manage your progress and achieve the best results. To start, your doctor will capture a 3D image of your teeth and create your personalized treatment plan. These images will help the doctor decide the duration of your treatment plan and how aggressive it should be. Custom, clear aligners are developed that fit perfectly on your teeth and are nearly invisible to other people. You will continue to switch out these aligners with new ones (typically on a weekly basis) until your treatment plan has finished.

The Benefits of Invisalign

There are several benefits to choosing Invisalign over traditional metal braces, including both cosmetic and health reasons. Invisalign is much less intrusive to your lifestyle and achieves the same great results. Some of these benefits include:

Cosmetic: Subtle, clear aligners are used as an alternative to traditional metal braces that can make patients feel uncomfortable or self-conscious.
• Flexible: When you’re eating, using mouthwash, or brushing your teeth, your clear aligners can be easily removed. Just make sure you put them back in to maintain your progress towards a beautiful smile!
Mobility: Thanks to all of the advances in Invisalign, patients now have more control over their teeth movement. Movement with traditional braces can be uncomfortable and painful due to all the wires and brackets.
Easy maintenance: Your journey towards a perfect smile will be easy after your initial consultation and evaluation. You will be given clear aligners to get you through several weeks, eliminating the amount of time you need to spend in the doctor’s office. You will still need to go back once or twice a month to track your progress and address any concerns with a professional.
Less intrusive: Metal and ceramic braces can interrupt our daily lives. There are limits on what you can eat and drink, treatment is highly visible, and particles tend to get stuck. Clear aligners are much easier to live with and maintain.
Monthly payment options: Most orthodontists offer flexible payment plans so you can get Invisalign without breaking the bank.

It took several years for Invisalign to become mainstream and really change how orthodontists work. Now, it is considered the industry standard that is on its way to completely replacing its traditional alternatives. The days of sending patients home with a mouth full of metal are nearly behind us.