Top Dentist Marietta, Kabani Dental of Marietta, GA Offers High-Quality Dental Services

Kabani Dental is a top of the line dental practice located in Marietta, GA. This practice places a special emphasis on making one’s dental appointment as easy going and comfortable as possible while providing top of the line dental services. With a team that has over 30 years of experience and utilizes the most up to date practices, Kabani Dental provides the best service in the area.

Kabani Dental, Marietta Dentist

Kabani Dental of Marietta, GA is committed to maintaining a standard of excellence in a relaxed and family-oriented environment. This top of the line Georgia dentist attempts to hold themselves to this high standard which allows them to provide the quality of dental care that their patients truly deserve. At Kabani Dental, their experienced and dedicated staff offers comprehensive treatments which combine the most up to date restorative and cosmetic dentistry techniques so their patients achieve the level of treatment that they are seeking.

Kabani Dental focuses on their patients feeling comfortable and trusting the team on staff. With their highly trained clinicians and dentists who have been in this field for over 30 years, patients can be ensured that they are in good hands when they come to Kabani Dental. This highly experienced staff goes above and beyond to create a bond with their patients. Kabani Dental, the family dentist in Marietta, believes that by making each visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible, patients will have a more comfortable time visiting the dentist.

Marietta Dentist Services

When one visits Kabani Dental, they are offered and exposed to a variety of dental services. One type of dental service offered by Kabani Dental is general dentistry. General dentists are the principal providers of dental treatment to people of all ages. During a periodic visit with a general dentist, one will have an extensive assessment of their mouth, a skilled cleaning, and a conversation regarding one’s overall health, and the wellness of their mouth and teeth. The services offered by a general dentist are the foundation for deterring any oral complications. Whether one receives instructions to enhance their at-home dental focus or is suggested sealants, a general dentist from Kabani Dental wants to prevent any issues with their patients.

In addition to general dentistry, Kabani Dental dentists specialize in cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that enriches the aesthetic appeal and functionality of one’s teeth, mouth, and smile. This could be achieved by using porcelain veneers, crowns, dental implants, teeth whitening, or orthodontic practices. These cosmetic dentistry services also provide patients with the potential to alleviate headaches, make teeth easier to clean and maintain, and protect teeth from tooth decay.

About Kabani Dental

Kabani Dental is located at 1640 Powers Ferry Rd, Building 11-150, Marietta, GA and can be contacted via phone at 770-980-0432 or via email at For more information regarding their practice or the variety of dental services that they offer, visit their website at