High-quality dental care is about more than providing a service, it’s about cultivating a positive experience. Roughly half of dental care patients make an appointment at least once a year, despite the majority of Americans believing their oral health is important.

Here are a few things every dentist office should have to make each visit more enjoyable.

Open Dialogue

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your dentist, there’s a good chance you’ll withhold information. It’s easy to tell “white lies” to your dentist – especially when you’re switching providers or trying to account for lost time – but you shouldn’t feel the need to. Feel confident in knowing that you can have an honest conversation with your dentist without fearing any repercussions (i.e. guilt or embarrassment).

Respect for Privacy

Receive treatment from someone who will respect your privacy and any personal boundaries you set. This includes creating a healthy balance between your dental care and overall lifestyle without any negative consequences. Don’t feel pressured into making any decisions that don’t align with your long-term health goals – find a dental care provider that you genuinely trust to be considerate of your individual needs.

Professional Office Space

Our work spaces are often a reflection of our own lifestyles. If you walk into a messy, unsanitary, or outdated office, this could be a warning sign of subpar dental service. Pay attention to the office staff, décor, equipment, and any other indicators of professionalism. Go with your gut feeling – if you’re feeling unsettled walking into your appointment, consider rescheduling and taking the time to explore other options.

General Ambiance

On top of a clean, professional office space, the dentist you visit should make you feel welcome and relaxed. Is there music playing in the waiting room? Is there ample lighting and comfortable seating? The environment we’re in can often influence our thoughts and emotions. Surround yourself with people and places that make you feel good about the decisions you’re making. If you’re a dental care provider, creating the right ambiance is likely to boost your patient loyalty (or conversely harm your reputation).

Reliable Resources

Make sure your dentist has ample resources to provide you with high-quality care. Research the practice ahead of time to make sure they specialize in a wide range of dental services, as some are limited in capacity. On the day of your appointment, take note of the equipment (technology) being used and the efficiency of the staff. Are you a means to an end, or the center of attention? The resources invested in a practice will often speak to the values of the people behind the practice itself.

Visiting the dentist isn’t something that many people look forward to but minimizing the stress that comes with each visit can go a long way. Choosing the right dental care provider in Marietta will not only improve the quality of your care, it will also increase your accountability. When you start to alleviate the stressors of booking an appointment, you’ll also stop making excuses and start taking positive action. Our team puts a special emphasis on making your experience as smooth as possible while providing top-notch dental services to our patients.