Crowns And Bridges In Marietta, GA

Gold and silver dental repairs have long been utilized to rejuvenate weakened and decayed teeth, but it’s no secret that they result in a less-than-desirable mark on your smile. Because of current advances in dentistry, you have more options for reviving a healthy and beautiful smile. We are pleased to provide dental crowns and bridges crafted from high-quality porcelain that are both long-lasting and natural-looking. No matter what your requirements are, our dentists will produce your porcelain dental restorations to address your individual troubles and goals for a gleaming and seamless smile.

Porcelain (Metal-free) Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are caps applied on top of teeth to reestablish function and appearance to a tarnished tooth. Dental crowns could be used to:

  • Fortify a weakened tooth
  • Replace a sizeable filling
  • Bring stability when attached to a dental bridge
  • Cover a dental implant that replaces a missing tooth

Porcelain Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are positioned dental restorations used to substitute one or more lacking teeth. They can be used to:

  • Fill in openings as a result of missing teeth
  • Improve proper chewing and speaking ability
  • Help prevent teeth from shifting in the mouth due to missing teeth
  • Relieve jaw pain and other problems brought on by an irregular bite from missing teeth

There are a range of kinds of dental bridges; our dentists will help make their recommendations based on which is best for your particular needs.

Traditional Bridge

This type of bridge contains a simulated tooth supported on either surface by a dental crown. The dental crowns are placed on the teeth beside the opening.

Maryland-bonded bridge

Composed of a simulated tooth with two dental crowns positioned next to each other.

Cantilever bridge

Typically used for the front teeth. It includes an artificial tooth attached to two metal bands. The bands are bonded onto the backsides of the teeth on either side of the opening.

Zirconium All-White Substructure Crowns and Bridges

In addition to porcelain restorations, there are also dental crowns and bridges made from all-white zirconium, which gives the strength of metal with the included benefit of a tooth-colored aesthetic. Zirconium has been shown to be stronger than porcelain while still supplying a natural-looking appearance. The decision of crafting your dental restoration using zirconium or porcelain will be up to you and your dentist and will depend upon a multitude of factors, including the placement of the dental restoration, your aesthetic goals and budget.

Procedure Details

Dental crowns and bridges are commonly placed over the course of two visits. During the course of the first visit, your dentist will prepare the tooth or teeth that will receive the dental restorations. This involves clearing away decay and reshaping the tooth or teeth that will surround the bridge. Next, we will make an impression of your tooth or teeth, which will be sent a dental laboratory where your tailored dental crown or bridge will be crafted. We will place a temporary restoration over your tooth or teeth while you wait for your permanent ones. Two weeks after your first session, you will come back to our office so we can place your permanent restoration. We will make adjustments to your restoration as needed so it can match the color and shape of your natural teeth. Once in position, your dental restoration will be virtually indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth.

Caring for Your Dental Restoration

Dental restorations are designed to be tough and durable. With appropriate care, they can last for many years. Like natural teeth, your dental restoration will need to be brushed and flossed regularly. We suggest steering clear of chewing ice, hard foods or objects (e.g., pens), which can sometimes crack and damage your dental restoration. Periodic dental checkups with our team are essential so we can keep an eye on the function and health of your dental restoration.