Your teeth may look clean, but you never know if it’s thoroughly clean if you don’t have regular teeth cleanings. The question is, how often should you get professional teeth cleaning done? 

The recommended period to have your teeth cleaned by your dentist is every six months. This twice-a-year visit to the dentist isn’t only about teeth cleaning, but your dentist will also review your medical history, any changes and updates on your oral health, medications, or allergies that you may have had recently. It’s like “catching up” with your oral health. 

Professional Teeth Cleaning Explained

Routine dental cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean you sit on the dental chair and your dentist gets to work immediately as soon as you walk in. Usually, the first step is an interview, where we ask about your oral health, and you share any relevant updates you think your dentist should know. 

Next, a dental x-ray of your teeth follows. An x-ray will help dentists identify things that are invisible to the naked eye, such as bone loss, cavities, and other heavy debris lodged in the crevices of your teeth. 

Now, it’s time to move on the dental chair. Your dentist will start to examine your teeth and the tissues surrounding them to see if there are areas of decay as well as broken or fractured teeth. This is also the time when you’ll hear your dentist and an assistant call out numbers to evaluate the health of your gums. 

After this, it’s time for teeth cleaning. However, if your current oral health requires a different kind of cleaning, your dentist will ask for your consent first. 

Deep Teeth Cleaning

When you have gingivitis or gum disease present, your dentist will need to conduct deep teeth cleaning. Your dentist will get between the teeth and gums to clean out the pockets of bacteria. 

Deep teeth cleaning is necessary to eliminate harmful bacteria in your mouth. Never take these bacteria lightly because they can spread to other areas of the body and cause serious health issues. Moreover, receding gums may also cause tooth loss. 

A deep cleaning will improve your gum health, strengthen your teeth, and have better breath. 

Many patients are scared when they hear the words “deep teeth cleaning” because they think it’s painful. The truth is, it isn’t. Usually, your dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the areas they’re working on so you don’t feel anything. Once the anesthetic wears off, it’s normal to feel some soreness, but it will only last for a short period. 


Going for regular teeth cleaning is crucial to your oral health. The ideal time to go for routine dental cleaning is every six months. Don’t worry; it’s not painful—even the deep teeth cleaning. Don’t neglect your oral health; otherwise, you could end up with more serious health conditions. Keep in mind that the bacteria in your mouth can travel to other parts of your body when it’s not removed immediately. So, make regular visits to your dentist and keep your oral health in check.


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