Dental health is one component of overall wellbeing that many people overlook. Our mouths are responsible for many critical human tasks, such as talking, eating, and breathing. It is typically only until teeth or gums are damaged when people start to look at their oral health habits, as these can be excruciatingly painful. 

Oral hygiene is a reason why seeing a dentist is a must in today’s world, as many diseases and damages can occur on our teeth and gums. A family dentist can offer many services for those with dental problems and can even provide services to prevent them from proliferating. With plenty of damaging food and drink products in today’s market, human teeth are more at risk today than ever. 

More About Dental Inlays and Onlays

Cosmetic dentistry and family dentists work on teeth to keep them in good condition. It can be challenging to create a perfect smile with damaged enamels, so reparation work is needed to fix decaying teeth. When fillings and crowns aren’t possible, dentists can create dental inlays and onlays for patients made from gold, porcelain, or other materials to restore damages. 

Teeth have to have specific qualifications to fit a crown, and sometimes, they can be left to rot for so long that they are extensively damaged. While your relative who had that metal tooth seemed so cool because of the shiny features, it’s not exactly what you want happening to you. 

An inlay is typically placed on the tooth’s center to make it appear and function regularly again. In contrast, an onlay is placed inside and in the affected enamel’s outer areas. These components are indirect fillings and partial crowns, as these are less expensive and not as invasive. 

Why Someone Will Need These Installed

A family dentist might refer you for this service if you have teeth with chips or cracks and cannot be repaired by dental fillings. It also might not be severe enough to require a root canal or a full crown job. Decaying teeth signify that your dentist can use these partial crowns, as the acid caused by the bacterial presence in the mouth has damaged the enamels. Minor affected areas might do well with a dental filling, but more major damages will require either an inlay, onlay, or a full crown. 

Who Will Perform the Mounting?

If your family or cosmetic dentist has noticed that your teeth aren’t in good condition, they will recommend seeing a general dentist or a prosthodontist. Children who experience damaged enamels due to poor dental hygiene and overindulgence in sweets will need to see a pediatric dentist for their specialization with young patients. 

What Is the Procedure Like for Inlays and Onlays?

The process of mounting an inlay or onlay is relatively quick and is often done while the patient is awake compared to some extraction jobs. Anesthetics will be applied to the gums to numb pain during the procedure, and drilling and filing will remove damaged areas of affected teeth. A customized inlay or onlay will be made to ensure that it fits perfectly. Depending on the equipment available in the lab, the process can be done quicker, as it rests on the ability to craft the parts to fit the tooth. Otherwise, the process typically takes a week, wherein the dentist will remove the temporary placements and put the permanent ones with a strong cement. 

It is a relatively quick and painless process, and the dental care team will ensure that the pinches felt are minimal. They can also apply a bit more anesthesia as needed to ensure that it doesn’t wear off mid-procedure. 


Dental hygiene is essential, and a visit to the dentist regularly can ensure that inlays and onlays are not needed. Decaying enamel is painful and often causes many other problems in the oral areas. Taking care of teeth is always better than needing surgery or procedures done, so visiting a family dentist often can help prevent painful crown applications. 

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