It’s not a pleasant thought to realize that we all need tooth extractions at some point. Teeth can be permanently damaged, including trauma, disease, or wear and tear. It’s never easy to live without one of our teeth. Still fortunately, we can work with you at our dental office to remove any tooth and replace it with an aesthetic crown.

It is essential to be prepared while having a tooth extracted. It may cause discomfort as well as embarrassment. Fortunately, there are things you may do to feel more relaxed and get through the procedure with as little discomfort as possible.

Here are five tips for you to overcome your fear of tooth extraction:

1. Take Care of Your Teeth

Although it’s not directly linked to tooth extraction, having good oral hygiene helps treat the problem. The issues that lead to a tooth extraction can be treated with proper care, which means that you can prevent the need for an extraction.

When taking care of your teeth, always brush and floss after every meal. It will remove the bacteria in the mouth that can lead to tooth decay and tooth alignment problems. Ensure that the toothbrush you use is soft enough not to harm the gums.

Moreover, if you have some gaps in your teeth, you might consider getting a dental sealant. A dental sealant is a thin plastic put to the surface of your teeth. It can help protect you from tooth decay, leading to tooth extraction.

2. Find a Dental Office You Trust

Finding a dental office you can trust is key to feeling comfortable during any procedure. Start by asking friends and family for recommendations. Once you’ve seen a few dentists you like, schedule consultations. 

During this time, you’ll want to ask about their education, experience, and any certifications they may have. Having the correct information before choosing a dentist can give you peace of mind.

3. Stay Calm

Your dentist might tell if you’re nervous, making things worse. Try to relax by taking deep breaths. If that doesn’t work, consider taking a sedative before your appointment. It will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

If you’re not sure whether your dentist is reputable, check their website and feedback from their clients. In addition, you can research forums regarding reputable dentists in your area . If the dentist’s website doesn’t provide you with plenty of information, that may cause concern.

4. Find Support

Don’t let your fear of a tooth extraction get you. Find a friend or family member to go with you to your appointment. It can help you, as your supporter can be by your side at the appointment, hold your hand, and encourage you.

Having support can help уou to relax and feel confident moving forward with treatment. It may also help you achieve your goals, so it’s always a good idea that there is someone here who can give you a confidence boost.

5. Know What to Eat and Drink

If you are scheduling a tooth extraction, you’ll want to make sure that you avoid eating or drinking anything that could cause bleeding. It includes coffee, wine, and foods high in vitamin K, such as cabbage, kale, and spinach. 

You will likely be able to normally eat after the tooth extraction but rinse with warm salt water if your mouth starts bleeding.


Tooth extractions are a relatively common practice. When done correctly by an experienced dentist, tooth extractions can help a patient achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. So don’t delay if you need tooth extraction. The pain is only temporary, but the benefits are far and wide to keep your oral health in top shape.

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