Professional teeth whitening treatments are worth the investment, especially if you start seeing the results. However, the effects won’t last forever. If you want to extend your whitened teeth as long as possible, here are some things you can do.

1. Brush and Floss Your Teeth Regularly

Brushing and flossing your teeth are two of the most important things to keep your teeth in the best shape. It’s easy to get lazy and forget to floss or brush after meals, but these little habits can greatly impact your teeth’s health.

2. Keep Up with Professional Cleaning with Your Dentists

Professional dental cleanings and checkups are essential for keeping your mouth healthy and clean. If you’ve had teeth whitening treatments, your family dentist might be able to notice and fix little things that can be affecting the whiteness of your teeth.

3. Avoid Drinking Coffee, Soda, and Other Staining Beverages

The stains from drinking coffee and other darkly colored drinks are hard to remove. You can say the same for particular food and drinks, such as tea, berries, and soda. If you want to keep your teeth as white as possible, you will have to avoid these beverages.

4. Quit Using Tobacco Products

Your dentist will advise you to quit smoking, even if you don’t have any dental problems, but it’s especially important if you’ve had teeth whitening treatments. The nicotine in these products will increase the staining on your teeth, and you’ll have a more challenging time getting your teeth to stay white.

5. Use Mouthwash Regularly

Mouthwash is great for keeping your breath fresh and helping you to avoid cavities and gum disease. If you’ve had teeth whitening treatments, using mouthwash regularly can help you to keep your teeth looking their best.

6. Take Care of Your Tongue

Your tongue is responsible for equal bacteria as your teeth and gums. If you have an off taste in your mouth or bad breath, an overgrowth of bacteria on your tongue may be the culprit. Brush your tongue when you brush your teeth and use a tongue scraper to get rid of the bacteria.

7. Consider Using a Teeth-Whitening Kit

If your professional teeth whitening treatment starts to fade, you can use a teeth whitening kit to restore the whiteness. Stay away from whitening strips or toothpaste containing peroxide or baking soda, though, because they can worsen your teeth.

8. Schedule a Whitening Touch-up Service

If you’re not ready to give up teeth whitening treatments, you can simply schedule a touch-up session to extend the effects. Most teeth whitening treatments will last for up to a year, but you can extend them for up to two years before you need to repeat the process.

Final Thoughts

Teeth brightening treatments are an excellent option for people who want whiter teeth, although some risks are involved. Professional whitening is a great way to whiten your teeth without risking the health of your teeth or gums. Take the time to talk to your dentist about your options to make the best decision for your smile.

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