Patients who suffer from problematic teeth, such as overcrowding, misalignment, and crookedness, may be familiar with getting veneers to treat their situations. However, to reduce your chances of getting a significant number of teeth removed before getting cosmetic veneers, it will help if you decide to get braces first!

In doing so, you get to keep more of your real teeth intact by taking care of the alignment of your teeth through braces before pushing for veneers. If you want more of your natural teeth to remain, short-term braces can lessen the severity of your oral situation once the veneers finally take over!

It can be as quick as four months of metal brackets attached to your teeth to spread apart your crowded set of teeth. If you’re seeking dentistry solutions to achieve straight teeth, having braces can position them better than undergoing a drilling procedure to cover your enamel with veneers. 

Why Braces Before Veneers Makes Sense

Getting braces helps you achieve a picture-perfect smile and give you a complete makeover. When used for short-term purposes, it can improve your dental health and provide you newfound confidence. The moment you switch to veneers, you don’t have to deal with an uneven installation because your teeth can easily accommodate it without having to make too many adjustments. 

If you’re still not convinced, here are three reasons why you need to get braces first:

It Can Correct Your Teeth

When people get braces, they can look forward to having straight teeth that they can proudly show off after receiving a cosmetic enhancement. Besides giving you aligned teeth and uplifting your appearance, braces can address your overbite or underbite and help you speak, eat, and live better.

As a result of having properly spaced out teeth, you can expect to achieve better oral hygiene than if you left your teeth to be crowded, crooked, and misaligned. Before you get veneers to provide you with a perfect smile, having braces targets your oral health first and foremost.

It Can Address Treatments in a Way That Veneers Can’t

People born with a set of teeth that are positioned too close to each other often end up with a crooked smile that not only affects their self-esteem but also their oral hygiene. Unfortunately, bacteria and plaque can occur between your teeth that your toothbrush and floss cannot reach.

Since the food you consume isn’t all eliminated from your regular brushing, infection and acid erosion can occur and harm your oral health. Moreover, you can develop excessive tooth wear from having misaligned teeth since your other teeth can’t function properly and are being overpowered by the rest of your teeth!

Resolving this issue is essential for the first step of your treatments, as veneers can’t help you if your teeth are rotten and broken!

It Can Avoid Misalignment Complications

Misaligned teeth lead to even more dental issues, such as malocclusion and bad bites. Sometimes, it can result in a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder and bruxism!

Those oral problems lead to jaw hinge pain and teeth grinding, which are both terrible for your teeth and mouth. It can originate from your misaligned teeth because your jaw forces your teeth to stay in the right position, eventually leading you to experience muscle strain in your jaw. On the other hand, bruxism happens when your back teeth meet together in unusual angles, forcing your jaw muscles to clench and pound your teeth together.

By getting braces, you can attack the problem from the source and avoid the complications that misaligned teeth contribute to in the long run!


Before you take the leap and seek a dentist near you to make your teeth look beautiful with the help of veneers, having braces can improve your oral health and your teeth’s overall functions. They can correct your teeth by addressing crooked and misaligned teeth, giving your dentist a better grasp of managing your dental health accordingly.

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