Losing tooth fillings can happen to anyone, and there is no need for you to be embarrassed about it. However, you must find a way to handle the situation. Fortunately, you can take a few steps to deal with this problem. Some of them are discussed in this article. First, let’s get into possible reasons behind losing dental fillings.

What Can Lead to Loss of Tooth Fillings?

  1. Dentin is too far from the gum line for a restoration such as a dental filling to be placed. The dentist will have to go back to the clinic and create a custom fit. This can be done by creating a dental veneer for you.
  2. The tooth filling is not as strong as it should be. Your dentist may need to place another one in place of the one you lost.
  3. When you brush too hard, you may damage the tooth. This will lead to the dental filling being knocked out.
  4. Your dentist may have missed a cavity when you first visited the clinic. This means there was nothing present to hold the dental filling in place.
  5. When you have dentures that are not properly fitted, this can lead to the loss of dental fillings.
  6. You may have been eating or drinking something abrasive. This can lead to the dental filling being knocked out.
  7. You might have had a tooth that was cracked and was sensitive. This may have caused you to brush over the area too hard.
  8. You may have forgotten to brush and floss. Tooth decay can lead to the dental filling being knocked out.

What Can You Do When You Lose Tooth Fillings?

Cover the Hole with a Patch

There is no shame in using a dental patch. This can be a temporary solution until you can find a dentist that can fix the problem correctly. You can get a patch from your local drug store after calling a dentist. It is a simple procedure to fix this problem, and you can use the patch for a few days before you finally go to a dentist.

Use Toothpaste to Fill the Problem

Using toothpaste to fill the gap is another option for you to consider. This is a straightforward solution that you can try if you do not have any other materials readily available. You can use a toothbrush to dab toothpaste on the hole. This will slowly fill the gap, and it is not a permanent solution.

Use a Toothpick to Fill the Hole

A toothpick can be used to fill the hole as well. However, using this method to fill the spot may not be the best solution. It is a temporary solution, but it will not last long. Since the patch will be there all day, you will likely chew the patch off easily. If you will use this method to fill the hole, make sure to use a toothpick that is larger than the actual hole. You may also want to use gum glue to help the toothpick stay in place.

Contact a Dentist Immediately

At the end of the day, your best option to fill the hole is to contact a dentist. Unlike other solutions, this is a permanent solution, and it will not have adverse effects on your dental health. You need to get your tooth fixed as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your normal dental health again.


Dealing with losing dental fillings is not the nicest way to start your day. However, there are solutions to consider if, for some reason, you need to fix a missing dental filling. The above tips for dealing with losing dental fillings should help you quickly fix the problem. Whatever your choice may be, it is essential to remember that you need to act promptly to correct the problem.

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