There are just some things that regular tooth brushing cannot do, like doing a deep teeth cleaning. Although your local dentist recommends you brush three times a day, there are just some unreachable gaps and places that only professional dentistry can fix. So what then must you ask the next time you go for the cleaning? 

This article discusses what you need to know before booking for a teeth cleaning. If you are already a regular dentist patient, you may already be going for the general cleaning biyearly. However, even that may not be enough.

If you in particular have periodontal pockets with plaque buildup, you will need deep cleaning. Compared to the more general kind, this one is more comprehensive in clearing away dirt but also in the prevention of this happening again. If you feel this might be you or a family member, consider the following key points: 


  • Consider asking if the service is offered


Before booking a consultation, you need one or two dental opinions to necessitate the need for a deep teeth cleaning. The fact of the matter is you cannot insist on it by yourself as your case may not be as severe as you think. 

Even if you haven’t been to your family dentist in years, there may be a possibility that you just need a general cleaning or a few extractions. This is especially if you take care of your teeth. So get clearance or at least recommendation first to really maximize your cleaning appointment. 


  • Expect to be there for around 1 to 4 hours 


If you have been recommended, you have to take note that deep teeth cleaning takes around 2 to 4 hours depending on the level of plaque buildup. Additionally, you may already be suffering from related diseases such as the following: gingivitis, bleeding or inflamed gums, and chronic bad breath. 

Compared to the general cleaning, the dentist may have to do an x-ray first to look into the severity or how deep the penetration of plaque inside the teeth and gums. Once assessed, the dentist will work in one area of the mouth per hour or two. 

Apart from this, you will also be injected with anesthesia. This is due to the internal pruning that the dentist will do and also reduce your susceptibility to irritation or pain. This is highly time-consuming, so make sure you either take a leave off work or dedicate a weekend to this. 


  • Discuss post-cleaning habits and maintenance


After your long consultation, expect your dentist to tell you about post-cleaning or maintenance. In particular, you will be asked to change your diet and also the method of tooth brushing. 

For a period of 2-3 days, you can be asked to stay away from acidic drinks and certain foods. Eating so may further irritate your gums or chip away at your teeth. Additionally, you will be asked to make sure your mouth has plenty of saliva. This allows the surfaces of your mouth to be naturally reinforced and replenished. 

For brushing, you will be required to use a sonic toothbrush and nano-hydroxyapatite or nHa toothpaste. This will gradually decrease the hardening of plaque and buildup. This is crucial because using the unrecommended dental products can invalidate the efforts of your deep cleaning session. So stick to the guidelines of your dentist. 


Deep teeth cleaning is highly effective in treating complex teeth and gum issues. It is only advisable for special cases. Upon regular consultations and routine cleaning, you can prevent the need to have deep teeth cleaning if you maintain your dental health in the first place. So book appointments with your family dentist before it’s too late! 

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