Tooth problems can develop for a number of reasons, but many individuals end up getting dental crowns. These procedures are recommended for extensively damaged teeth, large fillings that exceed natural tooth structures, and even the aftercare of root canal therapy. The list goes on, but when a dentist recommends it, it’s best to comply.

Getting a permanent dental crown usually involves two appointments, which is necessary for proper fitting. However, it’s perfectly fine to be curious about the entire procedure, especially regarding how it works. Dental crown treatments can be quite complex, and in most cases, patients tend to feel anxious about the entire ordeal.

Before you book an appointment for a dental crown, read through these steps to know what to expect. Thankfully, it’s not as terrifying as you may think, especially if you work with the best dentist in town:

Step 1: The Assessment 

As previously mentioned, your dental crown appointment will be split into two visits. The first visit will be the inspection of the area, as your dentist needs to make sure that it can support the crown. Your dentist may also opt to file down or shave a tooth, or even fill it in for preparation. An anesthetic will be used during either of these procedures, meaning that no pain will be involved. 

Step 2: Making the Impressions 

Once the area has been prepared, your dentist will then proceed to make an impression on the tooth. This will serve as the basis for the crown, as keep in mind that your own dental crown will be custom-made. The right color will also be taken into account, as your dentist needs to ensure that it matches your natural teeth shade. 

Step 3: Waiting for the Permanent Crown

As you wait, your crown will be milled based on the impression gathered, ensuring that everything is customized accordingly. The materials used will also be selected by your dentist carefully.  You will need to wear a temporary crown until the final fitting is ready, and you will be asked to go home to wait for your permanent one. 

Step 4: The Final Procedure 

Your next visit will be longer, as your dentist will need to remove the temporary crown and prepare the area. You’ll be under anesthesia during the procedure, so expect little to no pain as the permanent crown is installed. Expect an uncomfortable feeling, however, but overall, the properly molded crown will fit perfectly.

The Aftermath: What Else To Expect 

After the procedure, you’re now free to smile and regain your confidence! Keep in mind that your permanent crown has been designed to withstand the normal routines of chewing, biting, and grinding, but as with everything else, they’re not invincible. Proper care is necessary, especially during the postoperative period. 

You’ll need to avoid certain hard food, such as nuts and candy. You’ll also be asked to follow a strict oral regimen, which will ensure that your mouth stays healthy and your crown in tiptop shape. Make sure to brush, floss, and visit your dentist regularly!

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