Dentists recommend regular deep cleaning of the teeth to prevent plaque build-up. It prevents plaque build-up more so than brushing can.

However, this may be an issue as many people forget to set up their bi-annual appointment with their family dentist. In extreme cases of neglect, you may require deep cleaning to prevent gum disease if you are not already in its early stages. Read on to learn more about why it is essential.

Regular Dental Cleaning is Essential

Many people do not even visit their dentist regularly. And the numbers don’t lie: 65 percent of adults haven’t been to the dentist in over a year. The same 32 percent of adults from 20 to 44 years old already have cavities. You may eventually start experiencing some kind of pain.

Even some regular dental cleaning can provide you with many advantages. But some people who don’t may develop gum disease from mild gingivitis and periodontitis. Telltale signs include bleeding gums, loose teeth, pain, and a gap between gums and your teeth. Worse, it can progress to below the gumline.

Over time, other people will develop severe cases that need deep cleaning methods to clean out built-up plaque. These can lead to extreme cases that may include tooth and gum infections at the root level.

Methods for Attaining Deep Cleaned Teeth

Deep cleaning methods are necessary for extreme cases of plaque build-up. Depending on the severity, there are two methods of deep cleaning.

Periodontal scaling is a deep cleaning process that removes built-up plaque below the gums. Over time, neglected plaque can build up and collect, which can cause gum disease. You might notice the separation of gums from the teeth. Root planing is a deeper cleaning process for severe cases of plaque build-up up at the root level.

Both procedures will incur some pain, especially periodontal scaling. Pain and gum sensitivity will last for a week as it heals.

Benefits of a Deep Teeth Cleaning

These two main cleaning methods will help prevent severe gum disease and help return your teeth to optimal health.

Even minor cavity work and repair from irregular tooth care can already cost you money. It might cost you your teeth and your health if they get worse. Regular dental cleaning services will help detect cavities and, more importantly, early-stage periodontal disease.

Deep teeth cleaning will stop gum disease from progressing to periodontal disease. Not only can you suffer from tooth and gum infections, but you may also eventually start losing teeth as the gums erode. If left untreated, the infection can reach your jawbones.

Periodontal disease can only be managed, but it is usually irreversible. It will involve lifetime treatment to keep your teeth from falling out from deep infections.

Final Notes

To prevent gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, please schedule regular appointments for teeth cleaning. You need more than regular brushing for great oral health. Otherwise, the minor issues may progress to severe gum disease. You will require deep teeth cleaning to prevent it from worsening to infection.

Make sure to get a regular or deep dental tooth cleaning for the optimum health of your teeth. Kabani Dental can provide you with a dentist in Marietta to address your issues right away. Don’t let your teeth’s conditions get worse. Book an appointment with us today.