Getting dental veneers is a great way to bring back confidence in your teeth as you appear to have a complete set of pearly-whites. However, what do you do if one of them falls off?

It can happen when you’re speaking to a friend or while enjoying your favorite meal. You might see that small porcelain figure and start panicking. Although you didn’t lose a tooth, it’s a little questionable why your veneer suddenly fell out of your mouth. 

Your first course of action should be to call up dental professionals who specialize in cosmetic dentistry, as they should be able to handle your veneers. Here’s what you should preemptively know in case you come across that situation. 

Why Veneers Fall Off

Veneers are put in place to act as a small covering for your natural teeth. It isn’t impossible for the shells to fall off, as the material used to attach the veneers to your teeth wasn’t meant to be permanent. Veneers are recommended to be replaced after a certain period of time. Therefore, they are removable.

However, veneers should only come off when faced with a lot of pressure. If they somehow come off during daily activities, there may be a problem with the shape and placement. It could be a misapplication, or the veneers weren’t appropriately measured for your teeth. Remember, a person’s veneers are custom-made to suit their teeth and bite.

No two veneers should be the same. This personalization helps the veneers to function correctly for you and to avoid pressure. That way, the veneers wouldn’t fall early.

Technological advances and different devices have helped identify specific dental pressure points in people’s teeth. This creates more accurate veneers that are better suited to every crevice and curve of each tooth. The more alike your veneers are to your teeth, the fewer chances there are for detachment.

Possible Effects 

When your porcelain veneers come off, it does expose the teeth underneath, which isn’t all too bad. You don’t have to worry, as having a veneer fall off doesn’t cause damage to your teeth. Your main concern should be with the veneers themselves.

Under no circumstances should you be applying the fallen veneer back to your teeth. If it does, you risk damaging or breaking it. Calm down and put it into a container for safe-keeping. Wait until you can bring it back to your dentist to inspect any issues with it and reattach it to your teeth.

Being Cautious

When getting veneers, it doesn’t hurt to be a little more careful upon application. Veneers usually fall off because of application, but there are a few mishaps by the patient that could contribute to that. 

You also have to care for your natural teeth to ensure the cement attached to them doesn’t weaken quickly. Avoid applying pressure to them unnecessarily or picking your teeth for no reason. Don’t bite directly into any hard foods, and stop smoking.


Your dental professional should be able to reassure you and discuss the best course of action you can take with your veneers, especially when they fall off too often. The veneers’ purpose is to help you feel a little more secure with your smile, after all. Like self-esteem, it can take the right people and a little bit of time.

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